I draw a lot. It gives me great satisfaction to engage the tiny details, I am a perfectionist. What was patience in my craft is now simply an acceptance to go to any length to appease my aesthetic. There are no mistakes. Creating a line is a balance between intention and recognizing the possibilities in the moment; this is ever emphasized when using natural mediums such as flower petals, water soluble inks, and the insect: cochineal.

    I want to make functional Art.

    ...And so I began making candles displaying my drawings on the exterior of the glass to be illuminated. The endeavor was a catalyst for sewing.

    It is my belief that life's questions can be answered with a sewing machine. With the notion of putting art on shirts: rather than silk-screening, using paints, or dye - to me it made sense to embroider the design. It felt very real to have an image interwoven with the fabric. These designs will not fade or peel away. I borrowed a sewing machine to see if the idea would even work, to draw with a sewing machine.

  I began sewing on shirts, ties, and dresses; and called the clothing line Keeut Clothing. Slowly, with many trials and discussions with painter/friend Gavin Troy, illustrator/painter Titus Castanza, and singer/songwriter Leila Lopez the ideas began to develop.